Monday, September 15, 2008

Will Dodd Ever Tell?

I guess not. I guess we as taxpayers who are currently underwriting one of the largest bailouts of mortgages and banks in our nations history will never find out the true story of Senator Chris Dodd's sweetheart subprime mortgage deal. The media continues to avoid the question, more concerned with his role in a new Democratic administration. What a farce of reporting. What are his qualifications to serve? Actually what are his qualifications to continue to be Senator with this questionable and unethical mortgage deal he received and then his bill which bails out the same mortgage company? Dodd is concerned only with his personal self interest, personal gain and glory. Ethics does not play a role in it. As his power continues to grow in his own mind he is above the law as are most who serve in Washington. And once again taxpayers will pay for this debacle of fraud.

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