Sunday, June 29, 2008

Why Wallingford Does Not Need Charter Revision.

Wallingford does not need charter revision. If you happen to be around town you see several individuals trying to get signatures to form a committee and have voters vote to change the charter of our town. I was approached twice by former Democrat Geno Zandri to sign the petition at both the town wide electronics recycling day and yesterday at the recycling center. I was amazed to see him at both places and concerned that voters who were signing the petition really did not know what they were signing.
In my opinion all charter revision is, is a way for the Democratic party in town to strip power from Mayor Dickinson and make him a ceremonial Mayor. This would force the town to hire a Town Manager and watch the politics fly. The Democrats and a few in town can not find an effective way to try to get rid of Mayor Dickinson. They fail to run good candidates (look at how many votes Geno Zandri lost by when he ran), they fail to come up with new ideas. No it is always the same, the chronic complaints of how bad Dickinson is and how bad he runs the town. Politically they should see the light, Mayor Dickinson is a non egotistical, powerful leader who puts Wallingford above his personal self interests. Why does he win by such a large vote count each election?
Maybe those fighting for charter revision should do the same like the Mayor.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Senator Dodd- Resign

Senator Dodd- Resign. Simple and to the point. Resign. The abuse of your position of power is an insult to the citizens and taxpayers that you supposedly represent. To act as naive as you have with regards to this mortgage that both you and your wife obtained is inexcusable. Are you that naive with regards to all the legislation that you vote on such as the Countrywide/Bank of America taxpayers bail out bill? Do you think that taxpayers do not understand that you feel that you are above any law of our country because you are a United States Senator? That your power on the Senate Banking Committee entitles you to all the perks and rewards that you can obtain, whether they are legal or not.
Your denial is an obscene gesture to the taxpayers that you supposedly represent. Those same taxpayers who pay higher interest rates for their mortgages and who are not entitled to any V.I.P. treatment.
Senator Dodd- Resign. Simple and to the point. Resign.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Power of the Position

The Power of the Position. If you are Senator Dodd you have it. Power in the mortgage industry for sure. In my economic opinion there has been a grave misuse of power by him and several other elected officials with regards to obtaining favorable mortgage rates with Countrywide. He did indeed receive a favorable loan at a lower interest rate than other consumers. Why? Because of their V.I.P. program which amounts to paybacks to our elected officials for pro mortgage legislation.
Mr. Dodd is Chairman of the Banking Committee and now overseeing a great taxpayer bailout of the greed and ineptness that graced this industry for many years now. This is unjust and does a grave disservice to those who pay their mortgages on time and followed proper procedures, rules and laws to obtain their mortgages.
Mr. Dodd lacks ethics in his denials. This is just another blatant disregard that the United States Congress has for taxpayers and the citizens they represent.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Here is the solution to high gas prices: pay cash for gas and get a 100% discount!

Here is the solution to high gas prices: pay cash for gas and get a 100% discount! Well maybe not that much. Rumors are that our state government will actually allow gas stations to give discounts for paying for gas with cash. Rumors that this could be as high as .20 cents a gallon are being floated as I am writing this. To bring this back into perspective, a station in Wallingford offers a .5 cent discount per gallon for paying with cash not .20 cents a gallon.
Thus we as gas consumers to add insult to injury must make sure we have that extra $80 to $100 in cash in hand for that next fill up in the quest to save realistically about .5 cents a gallon. For a twenty gallon fill up we can save $1. Wow! What an incentive!
It is funny how this is in the news today and we are not hearing anything about repealing the secret gross earnings tax which has help create the excessively high gas and diesel prices in our state.
Let me see what I can do with my new found $1. Thanks Hartford.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Repeal the Gross Earnings Tax

Simply, Connecticut needs to repeal the secret gross earnings tax. An addition $25 million dollars will begin to be drained from the state economy beginning July 1 as this tax jumps to 7.5% from its current 7% level. Governor Rell finally has initiated dialogue with regards to cutting $25 million somewhere else in the bloated $18.4 billion dollar budget that has been forced on state taxpayers for this fiscal year in exchange for lowering this tax. In my economic opinion there is a great deal of pork and fat found in $18.4 billion dollars worth of state spending. Excessive state government spending has caused Connecticut to have the highest tax level in the country and it seems that the Democrats in Hartford are disinterested in doing anything about it.
Why is this tax that important? Simply because it continues to allow our state its rampant and wasteful spending. It is time for this tax to be lowered back down to its original 5% level. The money is not going to support transportation projects but is dumped into the General Fund with little or no accounting for it. Stop this tax increase now. Taxpayers have had enough.