Monday, March 31, 2008

What Price Energy?

At what price energy? For energy consumers in Connecticut the answer is always unknown. Depending upon the time of day you can choose one of the many answers; increased demand from developing countries, supply disruptions, change of season, high temperatures, low temperatures, new formulas, and the list goes on and on.
In my economic opinion we have an energy market which has become a collusive oligopoly, where prices are controlled by this oligopoly.
Our state enjoys the excessively high fuel prices as they reap greater and higher tax revenue from the secret gross earnings tax on fuel. This tax is obscene greed by our state government and should be eliminated in order to provide relief for energy consumers. But why cut that tax (or any tax)? That would mean that the state like us would have to cut spending and we know we can’t have that when an overspending bureaucratic government is Hartford's desire.
Here are some solutions that should be enacted immediately. Eliminate the secret gross earnings tax on fuel. Ban heating oil heat and water systems for all new housing. Give one year full property tax abatement for all housing that converts to hydroelectric/solar/geothermal and wind energy. Make all of these same systems exempt from state sales tax. All hybrid vehicles should be fully state sales tax and property tax exempt. Redevelop nuclear power plants to generate electricity. Develop greater efficiencies to our rail systems to move products to our state. Develop a monorail system which would be user friendly moving us from place to place. Connecticut could have for 35 years taken a lead in these areas. Instead we have 35 years of frivolous and inept energy policies from both federal and state government.
For 35 years I have been writing about high energy prices and our lack of energy policy. I am sure I will be writing for 35 years more about it also.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Maybe 30 strikes and you are out?

The Democrats in Hartford could not bring criminals to justice. They could not get tough on those who murder and commit ruthless violent acts to the public. They have chosen to take the liberal easy way out and hope that hardened criminals and murderers will not harm anyone else. Please give me a break! Connecticut needs to get tough on our criminal element. I am tired as a taxpayer supporting the liberalization of crime and those in the legal profession that support them. The Democrats in Hartford continue to show their inability to lead. This November I can not see why anyone will vote for these same individuals who have a blatant disrespect against law abiding citizens. The three strikes and out bill should have been
immediately voted upon and signed into law.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Vice President Dr. Condoleezza Rice - A Winner

McCain-Rice. It has a nice sound to it. I have talked to many people about this dream ticket. I will also go on record stating that Dr. Rice would be an incredible candidate for the Republican ticket and a great Vice President. Here is an articulate, intelligent, brilliantly educated and strong woman who is fully versed in both domestic and foreign affairs. She is young (she would be 54 in January) and has had a great deal of experience in the private sector and in academics. She would give new energy to the party in a non political, non egotistical manner.
I urge Mr. McCain is consider her as his running mate. From all views this would be a winning ticket in November.
Yes, I and a majority of voters would elect a McCain-Rice ticket.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Higher taxes here we come! Thank you Democrats

I guess the Democrat party has always and always will love taxes. Prosperity by those who work for a living to this party is bad and should be abolished by taxing people to death. I am surprised there has not been much reaction to the incredible amount of higher taxes we will pay if the Democratic plan to end President Bush's tax cuts goes into effect. Reading several figures which range from $500 to $648 billion in higher taxes from this plan, I wonder how this will actually pay down the budget deficit and stimulate the economy? Again it passed with no mention of proportional decreases in governmental spending (earmarks anyone?).

So we have more of the same by Congress, excessive spending, new and greater pork earmarks and higher taxes. My final question is then why are we going to reelect any of these politicians back into office in November? Why are they bankrupting our country's economic future for their own self interest?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Repeal the Secret Gross Earnings tax in Connecticut

Enough is enough. $3.54 a gallon for fuel oil? $4.04.9 for diesel fuel at the pumps? A major heating oil company goes under as its bank pulls its line of credit (obviously this bank had too much in sub prime loans to write off). How high will energy prices go in our state? My answer is the sky is the limit.
We also see there is absolutely no movement by our elected officials to repeal Connecticut's secret gross earnings tax on fuel. Why should they? What a windfall this tax is - a mere 7.52% on most fuels, millions of dollars going to the state, what is better than that? With no accountability. Might as well get all you can off of energy consumers.
Thus all consumers of energy in our state will continue to be crushed under the weight of excessively high electric rates, irrationally high gas prices and obscene diesel and home heating oil prices. An energy induced recession.
What is the solution? In Connecticut it is government just taxing us more and in turn out of control state spending for the special interest groups that rule our state. What is better than that!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

This is the 2008 State Legislature?

I continue to be amazed at the lack of governing that comes out of Hartford each session. This session the Demoblicans have come up with a banning of all plastic grocery bags (stores could give away the cloth bags they are trying to sell to put your groceries in), banning of all bottled water, lower and free college tuition for illegal immigrant children, and the list goes on and on. What is the point?
Why don't we ban everything in the state and go back to a foraging, caveman existence in the state?
We still see no movement to repeal the secret Gross Earnings Tax on fuel, why bother when fuel prices continue to escalate and this brings yet even higher tax revenue to the state. We must as well slam taxpayers even more with this tax. Why bother trying to resolve the real issues of our state? Like corrupt union members being paid back sick days, pensions and the like (New Haven, is anyone listening?) by taxpayers. A poor transportation system and excessively high taxes to name a few. It is time for a change in state government before it is too late. Too bad this falls on deaf ears.