Wednesday, February 27, 2008

William F. Buckley Jr. -You Will Be Missed

I can still remember picking up my first issue of the National Review when I was a Freshman in High School. I was a member of the Political Science Club and back in 1972 I read my first issue of this great magazine. Yes I know I was 14 and digesting many concepts and ideas, but this magazine was incredible. A true conservative view, one that I agreed with and one that I treasured. The Legend of William F. Buckley Jr. is part of our history and part of why conservatives remain true to the basic principles of self reliance, less government and optimism about our great country and economy. There is still true conservatism that exists in our country and our world. It is a concept that will not fail, nor grow old. We can see that Liberalism has failed us miserably and will continue to fail us in the future.
William F. Buckley Jr. -You Will Be Missed by me and millions of others. May God grant you eternal peace.

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Democrats Economic Plan or Please Tax Me More.

It seems to me that the Democratic Party whether on a National or State level enjoys raising, creating, adding taxes. Taxes of all shapes and sizes, on all types of products, goods, services, basically anything they can get their hands on. The reason I bring this up is trying to understand the new Clinton economic plan. In my limited reading of it, it seems that corporations are obviously bad and will be punished, more governmental jobs will be created and yes we will see higher taxes. For some reason liberals hate seeing people successful in our economy.
This all ties into the liberal philospohy of dependency upon governemnt. We should only be allowed to make a certain amount of money in our economy while we must digest liberal wealth like the Kerry's, Kennedy's and let us not forget the Clinton's. It is ok for them to create and shield their wealth but not ok for my family to create our wealth.
Thus in November if you choose to vote for either Clinton or Obama good luck. Your taxes will be increased, your economic freedoms lessened, you will work harder. Sorry I will not vote for either and I am sure the majority of working voters will not either.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Does Connecticut really have two parties? Or are we governed by a Democratic/Republican Unified Party?

Does Connecticut really have two parties? Or are we governed by a Democratic/Republican Unified Party? Are all members of the General Assembly and the Governor now Demoblicans?

I was amazed after trying to figure out from the Governor's State of the Union speech what it all meant.

Here are some simple figures-since Fiscal year 2004 state spending has increased a mere $4.2 billion dollars. With this new budget it now increases spending by another mere $800 million dollars. We have increased spending in a four year period from $13.5 billion dollars to over $18.5 billion dollars for this year. For a state the size and population of Connecticut, why are we spending this much?

Over $3.5 billion has been the amount of surpluses since that time also. Thus we as taxpayers have been overtaxed a massive amount over the past 4 years. Yes Hartford a tax surplus means you are overtaxing us and to a large degree.

As an economist and a Republican I can not figure out how this budget actually showed fiscal restraint. It has showed the taxpayers of our state that we will see more of the same, high taxes, excessive governmental spending and a total disregard for taxpayers both on a personal and business level. More of the same. Welcome to Connecticutax led by a uniparty, the Demoblicans.

Monday, February 04, 2008

What is the National Debt and does anyone running for President care?

Hey do you have an extra $9 trillion dollars plus? Can I use it? If you are the Federal Government that is how much the National Debt is. I have a little clock on my blog site showing the debt increasing by the second due to rampant spending by our government. The government each year must borrow more and more money to finance it-9% of the budget is now borrowing for the debt and 8% of the budget is interest on the debt itself!
I am curious if any of the Presidential candidates care about it? I know on the Democratic side they are much more concrened about spending even more money than what we are spending now since the Democrats answer to everything is more spending. I am somewhat concerned to the thoughts of the Republican candidates on this subject since I see there is no restraint on the part either Democractic or Republican members of Congress (with the exception of Rep. Jeff Flake of Arizona-who in my opinion should run for the Presidency).
Thus here is the challenge for the Republican nominee for President. Develop a plan to cut Federal spending, pay down the National debt and have government start living within its means.
Well I can dream can't I? Cut spending now.