Tuesday, September 12, 2006

No thanks but I won't vote for Lamont

I am still confused by the current Connecticut Senate election. I really need to know who Ned Lamont is. No, I am not going to vote for him or support him, but I really can’t see how he could possibly represent my family or anyone else in Connecticut. As far as I can see the reason why he won the primary by a slim amount of votes is because he is anti-war candidate. Joe Liebermann lost because he has taken a view point that we need to finish what we started in Iraq and allow those people freedom.
Does this mean that all people in Connecticut are anti-war? I don’t think so.
Trying to understand Lamont’s other stances becomes more difficult. He is in favor of many liberal causes which in my opinion have failed our economy miserably. He is very wealthy and here we have just another example of a multi millionaire liberal trying to dictate to our state what we can and can not have. I guess the economic system is ok when he was trying to make his fortune and now that he has it the hell with it.
I believe that there are many voters like me here in Connecticut, who are middle class and conservative in our beliefs and life styles who dislike this candidate for all of his liberal stances. We are tired of the ranting and raving of how bad things are and the excessive costs of the liberal fixes that a candidate like Lamont wants.
Ned Lamont reminds me of Lowell Weicker – an opportunist with an ego that does not seem to be satisfied. No, I will not vote for Ned Lamont, nor do I feel a majority of Connecticut residents will either.