Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Energy independence without big oil dependence.

As energy prices continue to escalate, energy consumers must start to face the reality of these excessive costs. It seems to me that energy consumers have an abundance of extra income to pay for the high costs of gasoline, heating oil and electricity. Since I do not believe that consumers have this abundance of extra income, severe cuts in other areas of their personal budgets will occur. Inflation which is apparently non existent in our economy depending upon whom you believe will only skyrocket in the future.
We as an economy and as a nation just do not seem to get it. We need to collectively decrease our use of energy and switch to alternative sources of energy such as solar power, windmill power and hydroelectric power. The solutions are simplistic and realistic. We need to take charge of our won futures if we wish to survive as a nation for the next two hundred years. Energy independence without big oil dependence. The cry of 2006.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Can Connecticut survive?

Why are there no solutions to Connecticut’s budget problems? As an instructor of business and economics I feel that I should grade the State of Connecticut on two serious issues so as our elected officials may be able to improve their job performance. In an election year it is critical that they do this so that they may get re-elected yet again (maybe some of them who have opposition will actually lose).
For lowering of one of the highest tax burdens in the country- F. You may have thought you saw some tax relief with the elimination of the property tax on vehicles but that was an illusion. If we cut that we might have seen some relief. But why cut taxes here in Connecticut? We all know that taxpayers have an unlimited source of funds to continue to pay the ever increasing burden that our state legislature puts us under. For businesses there is no relief at all. Besides coping with all the increases in input costs, workmen’s comp and energy, I am surprised any business at all can compete here in Connecticut.
Transportation issues- F. I guess most individuals who represent us do not travel on the state highway system. If they did they would come up with a realistic plan to improve the system or privatize the Transportation Department. Commuting in our state is a sickening experience. The roads are in lousy shape, construction projects have unlimited time and funds to be completed and in my opinion there is no accountability to what is going on. The time has come to either fix it or privatize it. What about an effective public transportation system to actually move commuters from one point to another? I guess it just can’t be done.
Change is desperately needed in our state. It will only come when reform our state legislature to being full time with full time pay, with term limitations of 8 years (4-2 year terms). We would force a different group of people to realistically come up with solutions to our states problems not a bunch of lawyers creating more laws to perpetuate their own existence. Connecticut needs a change and needs it fast if it is to survive in the future.